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Welcome to the community!

Polibia is a server community of mainly mature minecraft players who just want somewhere to play good ol' survival with their friends with little to no change in the vanilla minecraft experience.

although we stick to the vanilla formula, we offer multiple worlds, custom area protection, personal skyislands (earned), pvp /w Looting /w raiding AND keepinv offline (on designated worlds) and MANY more features to come.

we are always looking for ways to improve and make our server better for all our players, you can help simply by being a good patron of our server, being nice to others and co-operating, we also encourage users to ask questions regarding how to set up your own server, our mission is to provide a FUN and FAIR home server everyone who would like to be a part of our community. :)

Currently we are NOT looking to fill any staff postiions/builder positions on our server but if you would like to be taken notice you could help by advertising and inviting your friends to join! :)

Remember the Server ip is polibia.online and the port is 19132

Spook season is just around the corner, remember to screen shot your build on the server for social media shoutouts!

Website Grand Opening!

Friday, August 23rd @ 05:27:31pm - Corona
We the staff here at Polibia online would like to Thank you for the wait, we have finally launched our server website, through here you can contact us, keep up to date on server events / updates and announcements, when you make a report using the 'contact' button it goes directly to the servers staff to be processed and replied to within (hopefully) 24 hours, the only thing we ask from our members is that you read the rules and policies section of our website so that you do not get confused as to what you are allowed as a member and what we are allowed to do, as the staff

Remember, once you leave spawn you agree to our policies!

Now with that clear I want introduce you guys to our community through some pictures! :D

This is spawn it's a beautiful little hub area from which players can get notified of new features/events/game rankings, access certain mini-games, access portals and other worlds, we make sure spawn is 100% made by the community!

Here are some member villages where you can engage with your neighbors.

We would like to thank all our amazing members for all their creative efforts and time spent on our servers, although it may not seem like it we are aware of all the people that give value to our community and they are well appreciated and kept in mind when we are taking staff applications, thank you for choosing our server, thank you for making us complete, we love and appreciate every single one of you, we honestly wouldn't be anything with our amazing community!

May we see you online soon! Much Love,